Daniel Cole is a Disc Jockey, Record Producer, and Entrepreneur. For his Disc Jockey services, he goes by the moniker "DJCSoulSweet."

He is a HopeWorks Connection Inc. alumnus, having participated in the program from the age of 16 to 20. Daniel, now 33, continues to support the company as a volunteer. He attributes his character development and career choice to his time in the HWC program.

Daniel was blessed with opportunities to develop and produce records with fellow recording artists EMG Nation prior to his formal education in Sound Design, landing a variety of radio plays and touring opportunities.

He received a diploma in "Sound Design" from Trebas Institute. Once school was completed, Daniel started recording with foreign recording artists such as Junior Reid, Primo Green, Jah Vinci, and EMG. Daniel would be asked to DJ sets and play alongside celebrity artists at concerts and fundraisers such as "TRU Snoop Hoop," an annual fundraiser hosted by Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz.  

Daniel's current residence in Montreal allows him to volunteer with MC3 as well as smaller organisations in the city. In addition to spending time with his three young sons and beautiful wife, Daniel enjoys expanding his musical library and playing basketball.  He joined the HopeWorks Connection Inc. Board in 2021.