TC3 Concert Season

Every year, The HopeWorks Connection organizes a concert season (from October to June), for our signature program, The Toronto Children’s Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company (TC3).

Our concert season not only allows the members of TC3 to showcase their talents and hard work, but each concert experience, no matter how big or small, broadens their outlook and connects them to our community.  We have found that every performance contributes to building our young people’s self-esteem and empowers them to know that they have a place in our city and have something positive to offer the world.

Community engagement is one of the pillars of TC3’s concert season.  Whether performing at local schools, senior citizen homes, community centres or for charity events (City TV’s Breakfast Television Christmas Food and Toy Drive), connecting with the community is a priority during our concert season.

Another important aspect of TC3’s concerts are that they increase the public’s exposure to African/Caribbean culture through dance, drumming and song.  This leads to better inter-cultural and inter-generational understanding.  These inspiring concerts work to counter the negative stereotypes of Black youth by showing audiences that these young people are artists in their own right – wanting to make a positive contribution to their city and their community.

If you are interested in finding out about upcoming concerts please go to TC3’s website at

If you are interested in booking a concert please either go to TC3’s website and fill out the booking reservation form, email or call 416 939 1702.