Jazz Camp

Jazz CampThe HopeWorks Connection’s summer Jazz Camp is a 7 week musical arts day camp for children and youth from the ages of 7 to 17 who have had at least one year experience playing a musical instrument.

Jazz Camp is an unique camp experience that encourages and enriches young people’s musical talents, as well as provides a safe place for campers to make friends and have fun.

Half of each camper’s day is spent in jazz band practice, where the musical repertoire ranges from easy going instrumentals to more challenging jazz pieces.  The remaining half of the day includes day camp activities such as sports, swimming, school readiness exercises, team building games, fun-filled activities and day trips.

We believe that the hands-on aspect of our Jazz Camp music program is a great tool for learning.  Part of the program includes introducing campers to different styles of jazz music including African, Caribbean, the many styles from Black America and other world music jazz genres. The program also highlights the music of Canadian jazz composers such as Oscar Peterson and Joe Sealy.

For more information please email info@hopeworksconnection.ca  or call 416-939-1702