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The HopeWorks Connection knows that participation in the performing arts and the experience of academic improvement can transform a young person. We provide unique, engaging programs to youth in marginalized communities in the G.T.A.

ANNOUNCING THE 150 Voices Project

The HopeWorks Connection is expanding our Covenant Award-Winning program, The Toronto Children’s Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company (TC3) into Montreal, Quebec, and Halifax, Nova Scotia through the 150 Voices Project. The “150 Voices Project” will take place from April 1st, 2018 until June 30th, 2020.

Furthering our mission of empowering youth and relieving poverty through the performing arts and education, we will engage youth in Montreal and Halifax through our proven programming model which inspires a can-do attitude in young people through Gospel music, inspirational song and dance, and Afro-Caribbean drum.

Formed in 2001, TC3 has toured across Canada and the U.S., and in countries of the Caribbean, and Europe however, this initiative is the first pilot program launch in another province.

“I am thrilled that through our programming, we can meet the needs of children and youth in Montreal and Halifax. It is my belief that if we provide platforms that give our young people a chance to shine, we can help them to grow in resilience, respect, and positivity,” states Rev. Denise Gillard, The Executive & Artistic Director.

Le programme phare de HopeWorks Connection, La compagnie de la chorale de concert des enfants de Toronto et des arts de la scène (TC3), offre un programme d’art musical culturellement riche, qui rassemble des jeunes âgés de 7 à 18 ans. Avec le succès que nous avons atteint, nous sommes prêts à lancer un programme pilote à Montréal. Voici La chorale de concert des enfants de Montréal (MC3)!

Coming Soon:  The Halifax Children's Concert Choir (HC3)!

TC3 Montreal Children's Concert Choir Halifax Children's Concert Choir

TC3 is more than a choir. Bringing together young people ages 7 to 18 from across the Greater Toronto area, TC3’s purpose is to promote, develop and encourage youth through inspirational song, dance and Afro-Caribbean drumming.

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Our Workshops
We have been providing Afro-Caribbean dance and drum workshops for over ten years. Recognizing the high level of our experience and wanting to support our work with disadvantaged youth, our clients have included corporations, individuals, businesses, schools and community groups.

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