HopeWorks Staff

HopeWorks is made up of an incredible team of passionate professionals who invest their time and skill sets to create meaningful arts, academic and development opportunities for youth so that they can creatively navigate their path toward success.

Our Team Members

Caprice Duncan

Program Manager

“Encouraging excellence in the Artistic Practice of African-Canadian, Indigenous and Marginalized youth empowers them to use their talents, skills and power to effectively change their families, circumstances, communities and the world.”

Raquel McIntosh

HWC’s General Music Director

Raquel is a facilitator, speaker and General Music Director for the HopeWorks Connection,
where she promotes, develops and encourages marginalized youth through Performing Arts.

Susanna Aubynn

Executive Assistant

“I serve one leader with four organizations and two businesses…”

Tyreke John

Social Media AsT

Do the work, accept the challenge, and aim to be the best.”