About HopeWorks Connection Inc

Amplifying  Hope through the Arts and Academics

In 2001, Rev. Denise Gillard founded the HopeWorks Connection, Inc. (HWC) knowing that participation in the performing arts and the experience of academic improvement would transform a young person's life.

HWC provides engaging programs to encourage, motivate, and inspire young people, for them to live with purpose, confidence, and excellence.

From its inception, our amazing staff and volunteers have employed a holistic approach to our program that includes singing, dance, and cultural drumming, combined with homework help, to create an environment where youth imagine and realize a better future for themselves and their communities.

HWC collaborates with schools, agencies, governments, churches, community centers, and various other not-for-profit organizations to offer a variety of inspirational and culturally based performing arts experiences and workshops to youth of all ages and backgrounds.

HWC's signature program, The Toronto Children’s Concert Choir and Performing Arts Company (TC3), is an arts initiative for youth ages 7 to 18 from across the Greater Toronto Area. 

Through TC3, youth can access a broad scope of arts experiences such as retreats, social skills training, conferences, stage presence skills-building, and specialized camps. As well as/In addition to, participating in local, national, and international appearances and concert tours. 

They say

TC3 to me is family. TC3 is where I can be myself with no regrets or judgement. TC3 is where I can broadcast my talents. TC3 is where I have my closest friends. TC3 is where I have the support of my big brothers and sisters. TC3 is home.

15-year-old girl from TC3

“TC3 has given my child so much confidence. This program has helped my daughter build an identity for herself. It continues to help her grow into the responsible young woman I want her to become. I would strongly recommend TC3.”


“I wholeheartedly support HopeWorks. I wish more people in the community would support and invest in this program. They are doing wonderful things for our young kids- like encouraging them and boosting their confidence through the performing arts. I know these kids are going to grow up to be fantastic young men and young women.”


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