Check what our community say about us

“TC3 has helped shape my identity. It has created a space for me to build my character, responsibility, leadership and organizational skills. It has helped me develop in every aspect of my life. But what it means to me most is family. It has given me a family away from my immediate one. I have met so many amazing people and have so many amazing friends at TC3. I am so thankful.”

17-year-old boy from TC3

“TC3 has been a great inspiration to my daughter. She is a child that loves to sing and dance. It has given her more volume, more energy, and camaraderie with her friends at TC3. She promotes the program as much as she can. It has also given her a sense of purpose in her education. Especially with math, she has grown tremendously in studying and doing math problems because of TC3.  I encourage all other children and youth to join because of TC3’s family atmosphere.”


“TC3 to me is family. TC3 is where I can be myself with no regrets or judgement. TC3 is where I can broadcast my talents. TC3 is where I have my closest friends. TC3 is where I have the support of my big brothers and sisters. TC3 is home.”

15-year-old girl from TC3

“After only two years at TC3, I have seen a lot of growth in my son's confidence. He has come out of his shell.”


“I have been with TC3 for a couple of years now, and it has been a great experience. TC3 has amazing staff and people and a great atmosphere to be around. Because of TC3, I have gained confidence in my academics and singing. They have taught me how to be a more mature version of myself. So, for that, I thank you, TC3, for being there for me and being my family.”

16-year-old boy from TC3

“TC3 has given my child so much confidence. This program has helped my daughter build an identity for herself. It continues to help her grow into the responsible young woman I want her to become. I would strongly recommend TC3.”


“To me, TC3 means love, support, fun, excitement, and family. When I’m around TC3, I can be myself and have fun with everyone.”

14-year-old girl from TC3

“I wholeheartedly support HopeWorks. I wish more people in the community would support and invest in this program. They are doing wonderful things for our young kids-  like encouraging them and boosting their confidence through the performing arts. I know these kids are going to grow up to be fantastic young men and young women.”


“MC3 means a lot to me. I like how we get to sing, drum and dance. I also like the other kids there. I have gained confidence in singing and dancing because of MC3.”

11-year-old boy from MC3 

“TC3 to me means faith, family, community, culture, and love. They have a lot of love for God, self, and the performing arts. I love TC3!”

15-year-old girl from TC3