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“…current cutting-edge research has shown a remarkable impact of group drumming on our physical well-being. Employees are more content and satisfied on a day-to-day basis, which in turn shows up in a reduction in stress leave as well as higher awareness and decreased levels of work-related depression.”
Corporate Training Magazine – Connecting Teams and Organizations Through Corporate Drumming –  Vol 2 Issue 1,  Jan 2006

For over 10 years HopeWorks Connection has been providing drum workshops to corporations. With the alumni and staff of TC3’s  Afro-Caribbean drum program these energetic and engaging workshops are used to reduce employee stress and empower team building.

When you book your drumming workshop or drum circle with HopeWorks Connection you will not only be receiving a first-rate, inspiring workshop but your company can also feel good that they are supporting an organization that is working to make a difference for Toronto’s at-risk youth.

The nature of drum workshops or drum circles is that they immediately unify their participants.  Everyone has to focus and participate fully. They also create a level playing field that enables departments and companies to bond and becoming more cohesive.  It can’t be helped – when you have senior management beating out the same rhythm as junior assistants – barriers are removed and cohesion is created.

“The use of rhythm-based events is a variety of government, healthcare, community and corporate settings, meetings, and retreats are expanding.  Weekly employee drum circles are now being held by leading Fortune 500 companies who are firmly committed to team-building and employee satisfaction.  The utilization of rhythm-based protocols in these setting has resulted in a substantial reduction of personal barriers that impede optimal communications, creativity and team building.”
Advances in Mind Body Medicine – Fall/Winter 2003  Vol. 19 No. 3/4

How Drumming Benefits your employees:

  • Increase in morale.
  • Reduce stress and energize participants.
  • Enhance over-all mood and well-being.
  • Improve listening and communication skills.
  • Enhance problem solving and creativity by removing self-coconsciousness.
  • Creates bonding and cohesion among participants.
  • Improve employee satisfaction.

For more information please call 416-939-1702 or email info@hopeworksconnection.ca

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